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100% Natural stone

Agate “Liberation from Blockades” ‎⌀ 12.0 mm

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Size Total length Wrist circumference
S 16 cm 15,5-17,5 cm
M 18 cm 17,5-19,0
L 18 cm 17,5-19,0
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Discover our latest innovation – bracelets made of natural 12mm gemstones with a silver magnetic clasp. They are comfortable to wear, easy to put on, and tear-resistant. Find the bracelet that suits you perfectly.



Features: Love Stress Relief Determination Friendship Harmony Support
Planet: Mercury
Element:🜃 Earth

Agate symbolizes strength, stability, and inner peace. This colorful gemstone is available in various hues and with impressive banding. Astrologers recommend Agate for Virgos as it promotes intuition, prevents impulsive actions, and supports health.

Also, Agate attracts Geminis and Libras as it brings luck and aids in solving complex questions. Explore the beauty and healing properties of Agate gemstone.

Discover more characteristics and meanings of this gemstone for your zodiac sign below.





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